Find Australia’s Best Music Industry Professionals, fast!

Have you ever had to find a quick replacement for a gig? Ever tried to get a group together in city where you don’t know many people? Maybe you have just moved and you want to start jamming with local artists? Well these are all situations that MusoHaven sets out to improve.

MusoHaven is the first and best place for musicians, music industry professionals and bands to network, promote and create valuable connections. It is our vision to connect Australia’s best freelance music professionals.

Boost Your Online Presence

Ever heard someone say "just google it"? This is why it is so important to have a great online presence in the age of the internet. If anyone has a problem that they want to solve, the chances are they will go to the internet.

When you sign up with MusoHaven you essentially get your own website and online resume with all the details that a potential client or fellow musician would need to know about you. As musicians it should be our goal to be constantly accessible so that we don't miss any gig or networking opportunity!

Check Out Our Proud Partners

We’ve teamed up with over 25 of Australia’s best wedding and event planning agencies who have said that they would have no hesitation in using MusoHaven to find entertainment for their clients.

We have also created partnerships with many musical masterminds and forums around Australia who have backed our vision. Just go to our partners page to view these proud partners.

Potentially High Return of Investment

At MusoHaven it is our goal provide more value to our members than we ask for in return. This is why the most expensive membership (Pro + Bands) is only $12 per month, and the first month is free!

Our prices are so low that if a member receives only one gig from exposure on this site they will have potentially paid off their entire yearly membership cost. Whereas some sites or agencies will take a percentage out of every gig gained, at MusoHaven you will never pay more than your monthly fee, no matter how many                                                                                                                                           gigs you get from being on this site! And the first month is FREE!

MusoHaven Services Are Tax Deductible!

Content: Don’t forget that all services here at MusoHaven are tax deductible! Using musohaven.com is an expense toward marketing and promotion, and so if you sign up to our Pro + Bands membership you can claim $144 back at the end of the financial year!

We’re thinking about the consumer

There are definitely other musician directory websites out there, but the problem is that they are not focusing on making their sites easy to use for the consumer, or the people who are just using the site to find musicians or bands to hire.

We have invested a lot of time and money into making MusoHaven as beautiful and simple to use as possible. This creates a welcoming experience for the people who will potentially be giving our members gigs!

A Directory and Networking Site For The Whole Music Industry

I’m sure you’ve seen websites that specialise in particular musical professions such as music teachers or freelance musicians. MusoHaven is designed to be a networking hub for the ENTIRE music industry.

With all the music industry professionals you could need under the one roof, why would you need to search anywhere else?

Have You Seen Our Features?

If you’re a music industry professional trying to decide if you want to become a member, do yourself a favour and check out the features you’ll get with our Pro + Bands membership. No explanation needed here, just see for yourself!

From the founder

Simon Drew

It was the end of 2013 and I was searching for musicians for a gig in Melbourne. Not knowing many musicians in Melbourne, this was a long and tedious process which took three weeks and many emails back and forth. To me it seemed like it didn't need to be such a big process!

It was after this that I conceptualised MusoHaven - an online musician and band database which would make finding the right person so much easier. In this age of the internet it is so vital to have constant web exposure to ensure that if anyone is looking for a person like you (like I was), they will find you.

I want MusoHaven to be the best online networking platform for musicians who are interested if being constantly available to potential clients and networking opportunities online. I welcome you to our team and hope you find the product useful!

Feel free to connect with me via my the details on my MusoHaven profile page if you have any questions. I’m a musician just like you! Just search “Simon Drew”.