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Why do I have to submit payment details for a free trial period?

We are really excited to offer you a free trial period and we are confident that you will find the intended value in becoming a member of the MusoHaven family. We know that if you are as excited as us about the features on MusoHaven, you will have created a great network over the free period. If we did not take your payment information your account would be deleted at the end of the free trial and all of your progress would be lost, not to mention all of your hard earned recommendations and content on your profile. If you have not deleted or downgraded your account by the end of the free trial we will assume that you would like to stay onboard and your account will be renewed automatically as to avoid any disturbance in our services to you.

If someone finds me on MusoHaven and gives me a gig, do you take a slice from my earnings?

Absolutely not! We are confident that the monthly fee is the best way to do business. Our membership prices do not exceed $144 per year, which means that whether you receive two gigs or sixty gigs from being on MusoHaven you will only pay your monthly fees as specified for each membership. "No strings attached" is our policy!

How do I add another member to my network list?

If you have worked with a particular musician before, simply go to their profile page and click on the button on the profile picture that says "Add to my networks". This will send a notification to that member asking if they have ever worked with you before and they will be given the option to either accept your request or deny it. If they accept it then they will automatically be added to your network list.

How can I tell if a member is reputable?

Each profile page (If utilised to it's highest potential) should resemble a digital resume for the member. We have provided features that will allow our members to show as much of their skills as possible so that the prospective client or network can have all the information that he/she needs to make an educated decision. The greatest feature for seeing if the muso is reputable is the recommendations. This system works kind of like facebook likes, in that anyone who has had a good experience with this member in the past can recommend him/her to others.

Is it free for me to search through the members on MusoHaven?

Yes! MusoHaven is completely free to use if you are just looking to hire. The only people who need to create memberships are those music industry professionals who wish to take advantage of our services.

When was MusoHaven created?

MusoHaven was launched in May of 2014. We are a new company but we hope to do great things for the music industry!

Did a musician really create MusoHaven?

Yes, absolutely! Simon Drew is a jazz musician based in Queensland. In 2013 Simon was searching for some muso's for a gig in Melbourne and it took him three painful weeks to find the right people due to the fact that he didn't know any muso's in Victoria. This was when the idea for MusoHaven was born - a site that finally made it easy to find the right people for the gig, really fast!

What if I can't find the right industry professional on MusoHaven?

If this happens we are more than happy for you to send an email to us outlining exactly what you need and where you are. When we receive this we will be more than happy to do further research to find the professional that is right for you.

Do event planners use MusoHaven for their clients?

Yes they do. If you visit the "Partners" page you will see that we have partnered with many great event planning agencies around Australia. These are companies that have recommended MusoHaven to their clients.

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