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Lessons in Perseverance from the Chinese Bamboo Tree.

Hi musos! As I write this I am sitting in a motel in San Fransisco. Tomorrow my band and I will continue our transit to Fort Lauderdale where we will be boarding the worlds largest cruise ship as guest artists

Some Simple Strategies for Getting Accepted Into Agencies

Hi musos! I know that many of you will already be involved with booking agencies and agents, but for those who are not I would love to give you some advice on how to approach this next step in your

An Interesting Comment At A Gig – People See Musicians As Hobbyists

Hi musos! I was once singing with a guitarist at a wedding gig, as I often do. This particular gig lasted four hours and then we had planned to head down to the beach to do some busking for practice

It’s all about relationships! How to get great business by forming relationships with venue owners and wedding planners.

Hi musos! A couple of years ago I was busking when a man approached me and asked for a card. He said that he was restoring a wedding venue on the coast and that he would love to hire me